Simply Catered Maine Edition

As Seen on The Knot

Do I have a menu? Yes!

Have I ever used it? Once ... Maybe!

But I'll Still Send it to Youi If You Wish

What I do? I cater with passion!

You have a special event and you really have your heart set on something you can't find?

Let's Talk!

What have I done in the past?

I had brides who wanted an entire Middle Eastern Menu ... we created it together

A group of friends that found each other in a random destination wanted to celebrate 2 milestone birthdays ... we created a pairing menu based on locations of life events

Charity Events with a history of a specific Menu that's grown beyond the planners abilities.

I have wedding parties that have asked me to recreate their meals for anniversaries.

That's Just a Little of What I Do!!!!

Let's Discuss your budget and then create a

You-Niquely You Men-You

I am passionate about food, I love to Explore, I love to Learn

New-to-me Things, I am passionate about Plant-Based

(some might say Slightly Obsessed ...

I say they should leave out the Slightly)

And I am a Certified Nutritionist

who happens to be Celiac

so if you have special dietary needs

I am your girl

because not only do I have the knowledge and education,

but I also know from personal experience how deeply it really matters how much your chef cares or believes it's real.

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